About Hard Refresh


Hard Refresh is Brisbane's newest digital marketing panel hosted by Klyp.

We aim to take on major marketing and advertising topics and discuss the impacts they have on our industry & the world around us.

With the help of some amazing expert panellists, we promise to open the can of worms and offer unique insight and perspective for our industry and the markets we work within.

The cherry on top? You will have the opportunity to network with our panellists and the other awesome attendees each time round. We also never arrive empty handed... drinks and nibbles are a given, always!

The Hard Refresh Team

Meet the people behind the curtain who make Hard Refresh happen.

Prudence Krook

Panel Facilitator

Prue is Marketing Manager at Klyp, and started her career marketing sporting and professional talent to the Australian event & speaking industry, while also spearheading innovative fundraising efforts for a collection of charities and not-for-profits through the Australian Rugby Union network. Then moving onto the educational and retail sectors, Prue gained unparalleled experience in the direct to consumer space, while establishing herself as a respected all-round digital marketer. Finally, Prue has now found herself agency-side, helping numerous small, medium and corporate companies around Australia achieve and exceed their desired online goals through innovative and effective campaigns.

Jordan Butler

Event Co-ordinator

Jordan is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Klyp, where he works to dominate Google-owned channels & Bing. He has been developing his marketing knowledge for several years through study and working in the industry, developing a solid understanding of how consumers tick. He has worked with clients with a range of strategic and economic needs, and developed solutions that deliver results even in situations that would be deemed impossible. With his passion for advertising, writing & problem solving, he is now taking his expertise to the next level at Klyp, developing killer digital marketing strategies and taking on new marketing projects such as content & event planning.

Erin Stafford

Marketing Co-ordinator

Erin is Klyp’s resident social butterfly, managing all social media channels for Klyp and our clients. Erin has a keen eye for trending content, long term social strategy and brand consistency across all social mediums. As well as managing the social networks for Hard Refresh, you'll find Erin buzzing around our events catching photo and video footage - so say hi!

Yes, we're all Klypsters.
So here is some more information on Klyp

Our Klypsters are on a mission to push the boundaries of creative, marketing and technology. This mindset enables us to produce amazing digital solutions. We firmly believe that that nothing is static, this fuels the team’s vision to be leaders in our field, to embrace a collaborative environment and to continue being an award-winning agency.

Klyp is a full-service digital agency specialising in online marketing, website development and graphic design. We produce end-to-end solutions for a diverse range of commercial, educational and government organisations.

Alessandra Mattos

Support Crew

Ale is our resident CRM & Automation specialist at Klyp, ensuring all clients are taking control of their data and putting it to great use. She can normally be found digging into new HubSpot features, writing up some killer EDM's or automating tasks to make things more efficient with a big smile & can-do attitude. However, Hard Refresh attendees will know her as the first friendly face they see as they walk in and grab their name tag, or you might catch her running around helping out wherever she can to make thing run as smoothly as possible.

Kimberley Maunder

Support Crew

Kim is Klyp's SEO & CRO wizard, taking control of client's websites and turning them into lead generating machines. Her technical knowledge & understanding of how consumers behave is an incredibly valuable asset. If you really want to get to know Kim, you just have to ask her about Klyp's Chief Happiness Officer, a.k.a her corgi, Maple. If you don't catch her deep-diving into link building or wire-framing, you'll catch her talking Disney or being a loving dog mum. Otherwise, you'll see her roaming around Hard Refresh with her camera, or helping where she can to make Hard Refresh go off without a hitch.